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Will I Need Time to Recover from Botox?

Going to get Botox (Cosmetic or Medical) for the first time can be thrilling, but it may also cause some anxiety. You might not know what to expect, or how much time to take off for your appointment. Will you need a whole day or just a few hours? 

Here’s the truth: the results will take a few days to really set in, and the bruising might last up to two weeks. But that won’t require recovery time – you’ll still be able to live your life like normal. In fact, most people can go right back to their routine immediately. 

Here’s what you can do to boost your chances of a fast recovery.


How to Prevent Botox Side Effects

What causes Botox side effects that might delay healing? Most of it comes down to the way the treatment works. It interferes with the electrical signals between your nerves and your muscles, preventing them from expanding and contracting as normal. Because of this, you should avoid anything that might affect your nervous system – like alcohol or coffee, for example – before your appointment.

If you are on blood-thinning medication or specific supplements, that could also cause an issue with clotting at the injection site, increasing the risk of swelling, bruising, or infection. Making the right choice for your health in these situations is why the initial consult is so important.


Botox Aftercare

So – you’re prepared and you’re ready for your appointment. You show up to the clinic and everything goes perfectly. Now what?

The first few hours after the injections are important for overall recovery. You can almost always return to normal activities immediately after you leave – for example, some people set their appointment over their lunch hour, and are back at their desks for the afternoon. 

With that said, you should avoid strenuous or heat-based activities like hot tubs or saunas for at least four hours, in order to let the Botox settle into place and get absorbed into the muscle. If you sweat too much too soon, you can lose some of the solution through the hole in your skin where it was injected. For the same reason, try not to touch the area or rub it too hard.


How Long to Recover After a Botox Appointment

By far, the most common side effects of Botox injections are bruising and swelling. Usually, these are so highly localized and minor that they can easily be covered by makeup until they heal. Without any other conditions present, that takes anywhere from a few days to two weeks. We always recommend that clients leave a 14-day window after their appointment just in case – no travel, spa trips, or big events like weddings. It’s rare to need that whole time, but it’s better to be safe than to be worried about how every photo will turn out.

In rare cases, there may be some more severe reactions: reddening of the skin, ongoing discomfort, more swelling, and – in extremely rare cases – some muscle control issues. Giving yourself a few weeks of time “just in case” can help you work around any of these, in the slim chance that they manifest for you. 


Getting Botox in Calgary, Alberta

While much of it comes down to your particular circumstances and health, the best way to reduce recovery time after Botox injections is to also make sure your medical aesthetician is experienced and well-trained. There’s no substitute for someone who is very precise, even when working quickly, and knows exactly what to do when working around the delicate facial muscles.

At Bardöt, in the heart of southwest Calgary’s Mission neighbourhood, we not only prioritize this kind of knowledge and expertise, but we take the time to get to know you – your options, goals, budget, and health. This means we tailor treatments to get you looking your best, every time. 

It all starts with a free consultation…so why not lean into the benefits of Botox today?

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