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Hyperhydrosis Sweating

Hyperhydrosis, Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and cause discolouration of our wardrobes. Sweating is our bodies way of trying to cool off and regulate body temperature, however sometimes this feedback mechanism can run in over drive. There are over the counter prescription topical medications and injectables that can help prevent these events. Treatment lasts 3-6 months and health care coverage in available! Please book a free consultation with our medical team to discuss how we can help manage your excessive sweating.

Treatment Options

Botox Cosmetic

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Prescription Medication

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Medical Grade Skin Care

Growth Factor Serum
Growth Factor Serum - Bardöt Beauty

Growth Factor Serum


Hydrating Cleanser
Hydrating Cleanser - Bardöt Beauty

Hydrating Cleanser


Calming Toner
Calming Toner - Bardöt Beauty

Calming Toner


10% Vitamin-C Self-Activating
10% Vitamin-C Self-Activating - Bardöt Beauty

10% Vitamin-C Self-Activating