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Botox Medical

Botox Medical

Botox isn’t just for beauty anymore! Did you know your health insurance drug plan may cover your prescription when botox is used for a long list of medical treatments?

Indications include:

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating

Tired of hiding your sweaty pits or Failed ‘clinical’ antiperspirants? Tired of bleaching the yellow out of your white shirts? Clinically proven, Botox can decrease the amount you sweat, giving you your confidence back!



Suffer from more than 15 headaches a month? Maybe just multiple headaches around Chinooks? Or with your period or stress? Botox is a great prophylactic treatment if you have failed traditional treatments.

Clenching/Teeth grinding

Clenching/Teeth grinding

When mouth guards just don’t cut it…. Botox can help relieve grinding and headaches caused by tension in your jaw.

Muscle Spasms and eye twitching are a few of the other medical conditions that can be managed with Medical Botox.


  • $250 for initial fee
  • $150 for each subsequent injection
  • Medical Botox Injection Fee by Doctor $250
  • Medical Botox Injection Fee by Nurse $150

What's included:

  • We help you complete and submit your Insurance authorization forms. (Medical consultation).
  • We even mail in the form for you!
  • We write the prescription once approved. Your drug plan covers the drug cost (based on drug coverage)
  • We do the injection.
  • If you meet the above criteria, all you need to do it:
    1. BOOK a free medical consultation (online or in person)
    2. Print out and complete your providers special authorization form (linked at bottom of this page).
    3. Once approved call us to book your medical botox injection apt.


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