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Woman checking her acne and blemishes

Acne and Blemishes

Clear skin often doesn’t just happen. While cleansing twice a day helps, your skin often needs multiple modalities to treat the underlying problem. Whether it's caused by hormones, bacteria, excessive oil production or dead skin cells don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

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Most of us don’t think of applying sunscreen to our hands, which can lead to compromised tone and texture.

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Hyperhydrosis Sweating


Hyperhydrosis, Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and cause discolouration of our wardrobes. Sweating is our bodies way of trying to cool off and regulate body temperature, however sometimes this feedback mechanism can run in over drive.

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Woman's Jawline Facing Upwards

Jowels and Jawline (face shape)

Our face is shaped by genetics, changes in weight and aging. Whether tucking back jowels and nasolabial lines or narrowing a heavy jaw injectables and/or threads can offer cost effective solutions.

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Woman licking her lips


As we age our lips loose volume, causing wrinkles and loss of lip contour while we smile. While injectables offer a great solution to add volume back, your lip is only a small part of your overall smile. Botox can effectively be used to minimize gummy smiles and lip tucks.

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Woman's forehead with melasma


Melasma, grey or brown patchy discolouration usually appearing on the forehead, cheeks and chin in young women between the ages of 25-50. Usually caused by sun exposure, birth control, pregnancy, certain medications, pregnancy or heat.

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View of Woman's neck and chest

Neck and Chest

Your neck and chest often show our age first. Often exposed to the elements, but routinely forgotten when it comes to SPF, serums and cream. We offer a variety of solutions for sun damage, pigmentation, laxity and aging.

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Woman holding redness picture of herself

Redness Resacea

Resacea/Redness; Defined as bumps, time pus filled pimples and enlarged blood vessels on the skin, rosacea can be described as rough, red, uneven skin. Some clinical symptoms include: Pimple like bumps (without black or white heads), burning, stinging or itching, dry skin, persistent redness and frequent flushing.

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Woman's with acne scars


If its acne or a surgery scar your worried about we can use texture repairing solutions to generate collagen and generate new healthy layers of skin.

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Woman's face showing wrinkles and fine lines

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The key to aging gracefully is minimizing the affects of collagen loss, softening areas of volume loss and weaken fine muscles that create lines and wrinkles.

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