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Conscious Sedation

Nervous about your procedure? We understand. Did you know 7/10 patients report anxiety and fears around their procedure. Conscious sedation is a safe, cost effective method of providing anesthesia for many of our procedures.

Benefits include:

  • Diminishing anxiety and decreases awareness of the surrounding environment
  • Amnesia (decreased recollection of the event)
  • Diminishes pain

Oral Sedation

If you are among the small number of patients who don't tolerate nitrous oxide, or need the next level of sedation we also offer oral sedation. This option involves either taking anti-anxiety medications with the goal of diminishing awareness and creating an amnesic state. This option is typically used during prolonged procedures or when the patient has a contraindication to nitrous oxide. During your procedure a nurse will continuously monitor your hemodynamics, pain and level of sedation adjusting dosing accordingly. Once complete you will ‘wake up’ with little awareness of procedure, and will remain foggy for a few minutes to hours. We require you remain in clinic for monitoring during this time, and request you have a designated driver to take you home.


  • Oral Sedation $250/treatment

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