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Ashley Clerk - Beauty Boutique

Dr. Ashley Clerk, ACNP/PhD

Founder/Medical Director

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BARDÖT Beauty was founded by medical director Ashley Clerk ACNP and Entrepreneur. After receiving her undergraduate degrees at University of Manitoba and Lakehead University. Ashley went on to complete her graduate and post graduate work at the University of Calgary with a NP residency in Critical Care Medicine. She continued to practice as a clinician, researcher and educator within the Intensive Care unit for almost 20 years.

Even as a young girl she was always intrigued by the arts. Studying to be a classical ballet dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, traveling the world with print modelling and photography, and taking every opportunity to enjoy dance and the theatre; She has always had an eye for creating or finding beauty amongst the chaos or complex, a passion which is evident in the work she does.

Laura Hampton

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

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Laura completed her undergraduate degree as registered nurse in 2005 from Mount Royal College. She worked in transplant oncology for over 8 years before pursuing her graduate studies at the University of Calgary to become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. She has since worked for over ten years in lung cancer diagnostics. Laura integrates health and wellness into her everyday lifestyle and believes that investing and looking after oneself is multifaceted. Laura has had the opportunity to train in medical aesthetics under the mentorship of Dr. Ashley Clerk after completing her certification through the Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics. After many years in cancer care delivery Laura has realized that one of her passions is providing patient centered and focused care. She is looking forward to supporting clients achieve their aesthetic goals. While not working Laura enjoys spending time with her children and husband and weightlifting.

Megan Starke - Beauty Boutique

Megan Starke

Nurse Injector / Medical Aesthetician and Advanced Skin Specialist

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Megan Starke is an experienced skin specialist, nurse, kinesiology major, and fitness enthusiast. Driven by natural, healthy, and balanced results; Megan takes pride in providing personable and compassionate patient care. After completing her training at the Institute of Skin Science in 2008, Megan has been working in the medical aesthetic field and continues to accomplish advanced specialty courses to enhance her practice. She prides herself in being an acne specialist, successfully treating all grades of acne with varying and successful tactics. After 10 years of mastering the aesthetics industry, Megan continued to enhance her career through her pursuit and passion for nursing, becoming a nurse injector under the valued mentorship of Medical Director, Dr. Ashley Clerk. 

When Megan isn't at the clinic, she is chasing around 3 children and a husband on her acreage. She is certified personal trainer and enjoys teaching and promoting active living.

Megan believes in creating long lasting patient relationships and healthy self-investments that produces positive outcomes in all aspects of one's life through a minimalistic natural approach. 

Nadia Shawwa

Medical Aesthetician/Patient Navigator

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Nadia graduated from the University of Calgary in 2015 with a BA in International Development and continued her education in Human Resources Management.  

She began her career with the United Nations’ UNICEF division followed by management in communications, before pursuing her long-time passion in skin treatments and improvements. She proceeded to complete her education in Medical Aesthetics and a variety of advanced skin treatment trainings with the objective of making a positive impact on people’s confidence and self-image.   

At BARDÖT Beauty, Nadia offers a variety of advanced skin treatments, and provides advice on methods of improvement regarding skin concerns. Additionally, she assists in procedures alongside Medical Director, Dr. Ashley Clerk, combining Dr. Clerk’s medical expertise with her medical aesthetic approach for well-rounded results. 

Hayne Kim

Nurse Injector

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Hayne graduated from Mount Royal University in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in nursing. She began her career at foothills hospital in surgical inpatient units including orthopaedics, oral & maxillofacial and thoracic before finding her true passion as an aesthetic injector. 

Starting from a young age, Hayne had always excelled in the arts, completing her international baccalaureate program in high school and entering many art competitions. She also had interests in dermatology, spending her free moments researching the newest trends in skincare. Her love of arts and beauty is what made the transition into aesthetics seamless. 

At BARDOT Beauty, Hayne brings her combined love of arts and science for enhancing beauty through injectables and creating facial harmony. 

Derian Pirija

Derian has worked in the customer service industry for 10 years and counting. With his roots in the hospitality industry, he has grown into a friendly and social personality type that allows him to truly enjoy his work in developing long lasting client relationships!

Before entering the beauty industry, Derian opened two restaurants with his family as well as pursuing his hobbies in multiple dance genres and acquiring his National Lifeguard certification.

Kim Procyk

Kim is a born and raised Calgarian. She has a love for camping, exploring the mountains and riding her Harley around town.

Having spent nearly 10 years in the medical cosmetic industry, Kim has gained experience and love for everything cosmetic. She has spent her career wearing many different hats and has a knack for all things administrative, customer service and skin care.

Whoever meets Kim notices an immediate genuine personality and someone that will go above and beyond to make your experience at BARDÖT exceptional.

Kim has joined our team in 2021 and is the first face you see at BARDÖT.