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Botox Cosmetic

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Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are muscle relaxants designed to block the transmission of nerve impulses in targeted muscles.

Neuromodulators are used in the treatment of:

  • Forehead Lines (6-20 units)
  • Crows Feet (6-15 units)
  • Lip Flip (2-6 units)
  • Turn That Frown Upside Down (2-4 units)
  • Neck Bands (25-50 units)
  • Pebble Chin (2-6 units)
  • Angry Lines (20-30 units)
  • Eyebrow Lift (2-5 units)
  • Bunny Lines (2-10 units)
  • Nostril Flare (4-8 units)
  • Slim Face (20-50 units)

    Who is a good candidate:

    • Over the age of 18
    • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
    • Overall healthy
    • No history of neuromuscular diseases such as myasthenia gravis or multiple sclerosis

    What to expect:

    • Most procedures take 10-15 minutes allowing you to return to your daily schedule immediately. Make-up can be applied immediately after treatment.


    • Medical Injector $10/unit
    • Nurse Injector $8/unit

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    Treatment Time:




    Noticeable Results:

    2 weeks

    Number of treatments:



    3-4 months




    Glabella - Botox Cosmetics Calgary


    Forehead -  Botox Cosmetics Calgary


    Crowsfeet -  Botox Cosmetics Calgary


    Bunny -  Botox Cosmetics Calgary


    Lip-Flip -  Botox Cosmetics Calgary


    Browlift -  Botox Cosmetics Calgary


    Platysmal - Botox Cosmetics Calgary


    Chin Dimple - Botox Cosmetics Calgary


    Smile-Lift - Botox Cosmetics Calgary



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    What is Botox? What is Dysport? How are they different?

    Botox and Dysport are both used to treat and prevent wrinkles, fine lines, and deep facial furrows. By working beneath the surface, Botox and Dysport help reduce the underlying muscle activity that causes the skin to appear wrinkled or folded.

    How much does Botox/Dysport cost?

    Botox and Dysport cost $10/unit. While there are a wide variety of treatments that use Botox and Dysport, treatments are usually between 35-60 units.

    When will I see results?

    Results are visible within 24-48 hours, but take 2 weeks to have full affect.

    How long do results last?

    Results from Botox are not permanent. Effects usually last about 3-4 months.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Botox will only need one single treatment to show results, with a quick 2 week follow up to ensure you are 100% satisfied. However, results last about 3-4 months, therefore treatments can continue upon this timeline for as long as the patient desires.

    Will I need time to recover?

    Bruising is possible, plan 2 weeks ahead of any events/vacations.