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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)


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PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a procedure that utilizes ones own platelets to stimulate collagen using your natural growth factors. With new collagen production we see softening of fine lines and wrinkles as well as an improvement in skins texture, scaring and help improve hair loss.

      Who is a good candidate:

      • Over the age of 18
      • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
      • Overall healthy
      • Not a good idea for those on blood thinners, have blood disorders, or an active infection

      What to expect:

      • The treatment itself will take about 45-60 minutes. Firstly a topical numbing agent is applied. Blood is then drawn from you and processed through a centrifuge to separate the growth factors from whole blood. Depending on the area being treated the growth factors (or PRP) are either superficially micro-needled into the treatment area (hair or skin), or injected directed into chosen areas (eyes, jawbone, neck lines and lips).