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Fillers vs Botox

Fillers vs Botox

Should I Get Fillers or Botox?

Are you wondering, What’s the difference between fillers and Botox? Are you considering one or both to help boost your confidence? It’s not always an easy decision, and knowing the difference is key. Many places in Calgary offer these facial injection treatments, so here’s some information to keep in mind as you choose what’s best for you.


Fillers versus Botox

Fillers are mainly meant to deal with volume loss under the skin. This can be caused by the natural aging process and fat pad movement, skin laxity, or bone density loss. They are most often used in specific areas like tear troughs, mid-cheek and cheek bones, and nasolabial skin (between the nose and the mouth). Like their name says, they “fill out” the space under your skin to restore a healthy, wrinkle-free appearance, instead of tightening the skin.


  • They make you look younger
  • They stimulate collagen growth
  • Quick treatment that is non-surgical
  • Very minor side effects – generally just redness and bruising, if at all
  • Minimal pain and discomfort
  • Can better define your jawline, chin, and temples


  • Not permanent – should be repeated each year
  • Costs can vary
  • There can be additional side effects in rare cases

Fillers are a safe, simple, and overall excellent choice to fill in “static lines” on your face – that is, the lines that are there even when you are relaxed (as opposed to the dynamic lines that appear when you’re making an expression). A combination of fillers and retinol is usually sufficient to get rid of even thin, fine static lines.


And sometimes, it’s not necessary to choose between fillers and Botox at all.


Pros and Cons of Botox

Many people wonder, “What is Botox used for?” Much of the misunderstanding comes from its use as both a cosmetic and a medical treatment. Originally created from the botulism toxin that can paralyze muscles, it may sound scary – but it’s well-proven, FDA-approved, and totally safe.


Medical treatments include targeted injections to reduce hyperhidrosis, TMJ disorders, migraines, and teeth grinding. Aesthetically, Botox has a wide range of applications:

  • Smoothing out dynamic and static forehead lines
  • Glabella tightening (between the eyebrows)
  • Reducing crows’ feet, “jelly rolls” (under the eyes), and marionettes (the downturned skin at the corners of the mouth)
  • Treating lip flips (when your upper lip tucks under and disappears in a smile), pronounced gums in smiles
  • Reducing the masseter muscles of the jaw for facial slimming
  • Reduction in the pronounced appearance of neck tendons/cords
  • Slimming of the jawline/double chin by s`hrinking the muscle below the jaw


  • It’s quick, nearly painless, and very effective for up to 3 months
  • Downtime is extremely minimal – many people only experience small bruises at the injection site, if anything at all
  • When administered by a professional, the risks are very low
  • It can help with migraines, teeth grinding, and excessive sweating!


  • It lasts only a few months, so you will need to keep getting more treatments
  • Some people are allergic, so testing is important
  • Costs can add up, since the effects wear off over time
  • It may take multiple attempts to get the desired results


Can I get fillers and Botox together?

As with anything in medical aesthetics, sometimes a little goes a long way. Your solution may not be a big injection, or a marathon 3-hour session in the clinic – instead, there are usually several small solutions to solve an overall issue. Rather than injecting more and more Botox, for example, it is fairly common to use the minimum effective dose of one treatment combined with a minimum of the other. Together, they can work well to create a better overall effect. So yes, you can get both treatments – at Bardöt Beauty Boutique, right in the heart of Calgary’s Mission neighbourhood and just south of 17 Ave SW! 


Getting fillers or Botox in Calgary

Since it’s important to consider your safety and specific skin features, we always have our expert medical aesthetics team to help you create a custom plan for your desired results. This means every service starts with a consultation that puts all the information together, ensuring you get the best possible outcome in the safest way.


Get started on your aesthetics journey today! Whether you’re interested in fillers, thread lifts, learning everything about Botox, or one of the many other services we offer at our clinic, we’re here to make sure you walk away from your appointment looking – and feeling – your best. We look forward to seeing you at Bardöt!

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