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how many treatments of botox will I need?

How Many Treatments of Botox Will I Need?

There are plenty of reasons people seek out Botox treatment – reasons that could be either cosmetic or medical.

Some people are in search of a way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on their brows. Others might suffer from constant migraines, with a physician recommending Botox to help alleviate the pain. Then there are those who need help with teeth clenching, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), smoothing out the skin around the jawline or lips, or even creating the appearance of fuller lips.

Whatever your reason may be, one of the main questions people have when coming in for a consultation is: how many treatments of Botox does it take to see results? 


What Counts as "One" Botox Treatment?

Before we talk about how many treatments you’ll need, let’s quickly touch on how much Botox you can expect to get during one appointment.

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and other variants of the botulinum compound are delivered in amounts known as units. The number of units required depends on the condition being treated, how new you are to Botox (new patients may get a lower amount to minimize the risk of adverse reactions), and the area of the body. A small area like the chin might take less than 5 units, but broader ones like the forehead or glabella (between the eyes) might use 25-30 or more.

So, everyone has a different amount of Botox units used during an appointment. A good average to keep in mind is about 35-60 units for one treatment, at a cost of about $8-$18 per unit (which depends on the clinic, the location, and your clinician’s education and skills). 


Botox Results After One Treatment

Botox is a relatively fast-acting treatment that you will notice after a single visit. The active compound in the units acts within a few days, meaning that you should easily notice the difference before our two-week follow-up appointment arrives. We do this follow-up to ensure you are happy with your new look and that everything is healing well. If we need to do a touch-up or a fix (which is very rare, but may happen), this is the perfect opportunity to do it.


Long-Term Botox Treatments

Even though results come quickly, nothing good can last forever! Regardless of whether it’s for medical or cosmetic reasons, the effects of a Botox injection generally start to fade after 3-4 months (though some people can make it as long as 6 months before returning). This happens as the body naturally breaks down the compound and regenerates the tissues and cells in the area.

When this happens, the concerns that caused you to seek treatment will slowly return: migraines, wrinkles, clenching teeth, and so on. From here, you can decide to get more injections and continue the treatment.

So, how many treatments does Botox need? Well, the answer depends on what you mean. You will see results after just one session, but if you want a more ‘permanent’ fix to the issues you are treating, there is no specific number. The best estimate would be 2-3 times a year for as long as you want to see the effects.


Getting Botox in Calgary, Alberta

Choosing to try Botox treatments is a big decision, and you should have all the information from a trusted source.  That’s one of the reasons we do a consultation for potential Botox candidates, ensuring that you are a good fit and there are no underlying conditions to worry about.

Whether you want to look your best or simply feel your best by getting relief from a chronic condition, you may find what you are looking for with Botox – in as little as one treatment. Contact one of our expert clinicians today and find out what this wonderful breakthrough can do for you!


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