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AccuTite vs. Morpheus8: Which is best for Skin Tightening

AccuTite vs. Morpheus8: Which is best for Skin Tightening?

In the quest for youthful, tight skin, the advancements in non-surgical treatments have been nothing short of revolutionary. Among these, AccuTite and Morpheus8 have emerged as popular choices. However, they cater to different needs and outcomes. Let's delve into what each treatment entails and compare their pros and cons, especially for those in Calgary seeking the best option for skin tightening.


What is Morpheus8?

Our Morpheus8 treatments in Calgary combine microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) technology to stimulate collagen production, tighten ligaments and successfully remodel fat cells. This technology penetrates deep into the skin and fat, resulting in a more pronounced tightening effect, along with fat reduction. It's versatile, working on the face, neck, abdomen, legs, and more, offering a comprehensive solution for those looking to tackle both skin laxity and unwanted fat.

How does Morpheus8 Work?

Much like all our other services at Bardöt Beauty in Calgary, a Morpheus8 session starts with a free professional consultation to assess your candidacy for the treatment. This initial step helps set clear objectives, identify any potential obstacles, and consider all options. Qualified candidates receive a personalized plan tailored to their aesthetic aspirations.

The treatment employs a versatile instrument with specialized attachments that channel targeted RF energy into the skin through superfine needles, stimulating healing and collagen creation, leading to skin tightening and sculpting effects. Unlike with microneedling on its own, with Morpheus 8 you can expect to see a steady enhancement in your skin’s tightness and overall look over time. The most noticeable effects will unfold gradually. While some people might experience minor temporary side effects right after their treatment, these typically resolve quite quickly.

Pros and Cons of Morpheus8

  • Pro: It not only tightens skin and reduces fat but also improves skin texture and tone.

  • Pro: It’s suitable for all skin types and tones and can be used on various body parts, including the face, neck, and abdomen

  • Pro: Typically, annual sessions maintain results, offering convenience.

  • Pro: Minimal to no damage to the dermis, resulting in minimal downtime.

  • Pro: Visible results in a week, with improvements continuing over time.

  • Con: Some areas may be sensitive post-treatment, requiring gentle care.

  • Con: Patients should plan for a brief period where swelling is more pronounced.

  • Con: It represents a long-term investment in skin health with cumulative effects.

  • Con: Compared to AccuTite, Morpheus8 can take 60 to 90 minutes​​ per treatment.


What is AccuTite?

AccuTite is renowned for its precision in targeting small areas of fat with a minimally invasive approach. It utilizes radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) to melt fat and subtly tighten the skin. AccuTite is primarily more about fat reduction than skin tightening, though it offers some degree of the latter.

The AccuTite Process

AccuTite is known for its precision and can treat small areas other non-surgical methods can't reach. Some benefits include minimal recovery time, a single treatment requirement for most people. The recovery from AccuTite is quite quick, with normal activities typically resumed within a few days.

The treatment begins with a local anesthetic for comfort, followed by the AccuTite device delivering energy internally and externally. This versatile treatment can be applied to numerous body areas, like the neck, eyelids, knees, abdomen, and arms. The effects can be noticeable soon after the procedure and continue to improve over several months, potentially lasting up to five years.

The Pros and Cons of AccuTite

  • Pro: The treatment is usually quick, often taking less than an hour.

  • Pro: AccuTite specializes in precisely targeting and treating small, delicate areas like the jowls, underarms, and upper arms.

  • Pro: Some visible contouring is immediately noticeable post-treatment and can last several years with proper care.

  • Con: While effective for fat reduction, those with significant skin laxity might require a different treatment for desired skin tightening.

  • Con: AccuTite may be less effective for larger or more diffuse areas of concern.

  • Con: For some, optimal outcomes might require more than one session.

  • Con: Specific care is needed post-treatment to ensure the best results and to minimize side effects.

  • Con: Some patients may experience brief redness or swelling at the treatment site.


AccuTite vs. Morpheus8: Which is best?

When considering the best treatment for skin tightening between AccuTite and Morpheus8, it's essential to weigh their unique benefits. AccuTite shines in precision and fat reduction for small areas, making it an excellent choice for targeted improvement without surgery. On the other hand, Morpheus8 stands out for its ability to both dissolve fat and significantly tighten skin across various body parts. Your decision may hinge on the specific areas you wish to address and the results you're looking to achieve.


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At Bardöt Beauty, here in Calgary, our experienced practitioners are here to guide you, offering state-of-the-art treatments and products that align with these forward-thinking approaches. Contact our team today to explore how we can tailor these trends to your unique skincare journey.


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