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Morpheus8 Skin Tightening Treatment in Calgary

Morpheus8 Skin Tightening Treatment in Calgary

Using insulated microneedles, Morpheus8 uses radio-frequency (RF) technology to stimulate collagen production, tighten ligaments and successfully remodel fat cells. By uniquely targeting the multiple layers of the subcutaneous tissue and dermis, the morpheus8 device allows your provider to customize treatments to your goals. In contrast to other non-surgical devices, there is little to no damage to the dermis, resulting in minimal to no downtime. 

Who are good candidates for Morpheus8?

  • Patients who are over the age of 18
  • Patient who suffer from mild to moderate skin laxity, jowling/nasolabial folds and/or fine lines or wrinkles.
  • Patients who are not pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffer from significant past medical history. 

Morpheus8 Treatment Areas

Morpheus8 can correct the following conditions with fractional radiofrequency and microneedling:

  • Wrinkles and sagging skin under the eyes
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Face, jawline, or neck skin that is loose or sagging
  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolletage

What areas can Morpheus8 treat?

  • Face $950 - Package of 3/$2600
  • Face & Neck $1550 - Package of 3/$4120
  • Eyes (add on) $275
  • Body Tight - $1197
  • Body (Add On Area) - $999
  • Scar treatment $450 - Package of 3/$1220
  • Stretch Marks $650 - Package of 3/$1750

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Treatment Time:

60 to 90 min


No downtime

Noticeable Results:

1 week

Total Recovery Time:


Number of treatments:



4-6 weeks

What To Expect

Morpheus8 Consultation

As with all services at Bardot, our first step is determining your goals, expectations and discussing ALL the potential options available to reach those goals. Once we’ve determined you a good candidate for the morpheus8 and it’s the best treatment option for you, a custom treatment plan will be made within your budget and to meet your end goals.

Morpheus8 Treatment in Calgary

Once were ready to begin treatment topical anesthetic will be applied to your treatment area and left to take affect for up to an hour. Bardot also offers a list of custom comfort options to best optimize your experience. Once your topical agent has taking affect, your face is double cleansed and prepared for treatment. Radiofrequency energy is then used to treat the target area with a specialized matrix of microneedles and energy. This combination of miconeedling and radio frequency energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin as well as remodels subcutaneous tissues resulting in firmer more tighter skin and underlying structures. The treatment itself will take 30-60 minutes, however with comfort measures and teaching expect to be with us for about 2 hours. There is a possibility of bruising, tenderness, and minimal bleeding at the treatment site; however, these symptoms usually subside within 2-3 days as a result of the minimally invasive nature of the procedure.

Morpheus8 Aftercare in Calgary

In order to maximize the results of your treatment, you will be instructed on post-procedure skin care after your treatment.

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Morpheus8 Before and After

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