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Fox Eyes Thread Lifts in Calgary

Fox Eyes Thread Lifts in Calgary

Have you ever watched a high-profile, glitzy event and wondered how superstars get their flawless facial profiles? While some are lucky enough to be born with the cheekbones and face shape we can only dream about, most are not. The sultry looks we see are the result of more accessible aesthetic procedures like fox eye treatments, also known as “fox eye lifts”.


What are fox eye lifts?

Fox eyes are a fresh and increasingly popular trend that focuses on the area around and above the eyes, lifting the outer corners and the outside edge of the eyebrows. Doing these lifts creates a tapering effect, and highlights a striking, contoured almond shape.

These lifts are seen on many stars and celebrities, but by no means are they only in reach of the rich and famous. Sometimes called “lunchtime fox eye treatments”, they are a relatively simple and inexpensive form of medical aesthetics that takes little time and has very little side effects.


The benefits of thread lifts

If you’re not already familiar with the benefits of thread lifts from our other blogs, there are many of them! Usually used around the cheeks, jawline, neckline, and eyes, these simple procedures get major results with none of the typical downsides. Benefits include:

  • The results of thread lifts are long-lasting (often 2+ years)
  • There is little risk of adverse reactions
  • You experience little or even no downtime afterward
  • Minimal scarring
  • The ability for repeated treatments without further risk or scar tissue
  • Instantly visible improvement and softening of sagging, folding, or hollowing jowls and cheeks
  • A faster, less expensive, and less invasive alternative to surgery like facelifts
  • The ability to treat several areas of the face and body


How to do fox eye lifts

Professional fox eyes require an expert hand and the right materials to do properly – in other words, don’t try this at home! At Bardot Beauty Boutique, we start with a local anesthetic prior to the treatment, which helps minimize discomfort. Once that is in effect, we use dissolvable sutures placed with a cannula (a small tube that can access the layers beneath the skin) to slightly shift the appearance of the eyes and brows, raising them up to get the look you chose during your consultation sessions. There is no incision, leading to very little post-process risk or inflammation. In fact, it is so simple that the entire process generally takes less than an hour. 


What fox eye lifts look like

During your initial consultations where we discuss your desired look and your specific health conditions, we will ensure the treatment is right for you and that it can deliver what you want. The amount of lift will depend on your anatomy and how drastic you want the effect to be, so these first meetings are crucial to set expectations and understand the end results.

It is also important to note that while there is no surgery or incisions, most people do experience minor bruising and swelling in the area. This is normal and will fade within a day or so – and then you will have the fox eye look you’ve been waiting for!

Speaking of the results, one of the biggest advantages of getting a fox eye thread lift is how long it lasts. Even though the appointment itself is less than an hour, your results can easily last up to 18 months, and be repeated after that if you want to restore the look once again. If you learn to accentuate your makeup in just the right way with these lifts, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.


Getting fox eye lifts in Calgary

If you’re near the Calgary downtown area and you’re curious about trying out a fox eye, Bardot Beauty Boutique in Mission is the place to go! (And don’t forget, we do lots of other aesthetics services, too!) Contact us with your questions or to set up a consultation to discuss your needs today. We look forward to meeting you, and helping you look your best!


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