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The 5 Most Popular Skincare Trends for 2024

As we enter 2024, skincare trends continue to evolve, reflecting a deeper understanding of skin health and the technologies that can enhance it. This evolution is grounded in a comprehensive appreciation of dermatological health and the innovative tools available to enhance it.

This year, the focus shifts towards a more natural approach, sophisticated treatments, and leveraging cutting-edge technology for personalized care. Here are some of the hottest skincare trends for 2024.


1) Staying Natural

In the ever-evolving world of beauty trends, 2024 is witnessing a pivotal shift towards a more natural look. The conversation around skincare is changing. No longer are we talking solely about skin laxity – the spotlight has turned to supporting the layers beneath our skin.

The latest trends in skincare are delving deeper, focusing on muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It's about addressing the underlying problems by tightening and toning the soft tissue while continuing to address skin laxity, ensuring that any interventions are discreet and targeted, enhancing one's appearance subtly.

At Bardöt Beauty, we've curated a suite of services that align perfectly with this natural approach:

  • Sculptra and Radiesse Thread Lifts: These innovative treatments provide a discreet lift, addressing the soft tissue changes without the signs of having had a procedure done.


2) Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Future of Personalized Skincare

AI's advanced capabilities are enabling personalized skincare like never before, allowing for treatments that are tailored to the individual needs of each person's skin. By harnessing the power of AI, the skincare industry is ensuring that every aspect of the treatment process is personalized and precise. This technology not only enhances the client experience but also significantly improves the outcomes of skincare therapies.

Skin Analysis with AI Scanners

At Bardöt Beauty, we elevate your skincare analysis during your consultation with the Visia machine, a cutting-edge AI scanner that takes precision imaging to a new level. Not only does it offer standardized before and after photos, but it also gives a detailed view of your skin's current state and potential future changes. This technology helps us create a highly personalized treatment plan, addressing specific concerns like texture irregularities, redness, pore size and providing foresight into your skin's aging process for proactive and preventative care.

RF Microneedling

One of the most innovative applications of AI in skincare is found in RF (Radio Frequency) microneedling devices that automatically sense the depth of the skin. These intelligent devices adjust their mechanisms to deliver RF waves at the precise depth required for optimal treatment. This personalized approach ensures that the RF waves reach the right layers of the skin to promote collagen production, tighten skin, and achieve a rejuvenated appearance.


3) Biostimulation For Skin Rejuvenation

Biostimulation represents the latest skincare trend for skin rejuvenation. It's a significant leap forward in skincare, focusing on stimulating the body's natural healing processes to improve skin quality and firmness. Innovations such as Radiesse and Sculptra thread lifts are leading the charge in this field.

These products and procedures provide not only an immediate aesthetic lift but also promote the natural production of collagen for enduring skin health benefits. As this skincare trend expands, it promises to bring forth cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of non-invasive skin rejuvenation.


4) Less is More: Targeted Skincare

One of this year's hottest skincare trends continues to be "Skinimalism," the art of simplifying your skincare routine while maximizing results. This popular beauty trend is a shift away from elaborate multi-step skincare routines, focusing instead on key products that address individual skin concerns directly and efficiently. This "less is more" philosophy isn't just about using fewer products– it's about ensuring they are potent and purposeful, each chosen for its scientifically-backed active ingredients tailored to your unique skin needs.

It's important to remember that skincare is deeply personal. A product that is miraculous for one might be unnecessary for another. For instance, using multiple retinol-infused products can lead to overexposure when a single, well-formulated product could suffice. The true essence of "less is more" lies in discernment. Resist the allure of the current trends in skincare and instead focus on what your skin truly needs. It's not about the quantity of your products but the quality and relevance to your skin's unique conditions.


5) Prevention is Key

In the realm of beauty, the adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" has never rung truer. In 2024, prevention is more than a trend in skincare— it's a lifestyle, a commitment to enduring beauty, and the ultimate act of self-care. By focusing on prevention, the aim is to reduce the need for more invasive treatments later on, preserving the skin's youthful, resilient complexion for as long as possible.

Early Intervention

Crafting a tailored skincare regimen is key for early intervention again common concerns like fine lines, static wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and skin laxity while also stimulating neocollagenesis— the skin's process of creating new collagen. Such proactive measures, including management to prevent scarring and other issues, can significantly influence the skin's aging process.

Proactive Measures with Botox

Botox, a staple in the preventive skincare arsenal, is instrumental in reducing the formation of fine lines. With precise application, Botox can relax facial muscles, slowing the progression of lines that would become more pronounced with age. By starting treatments before lines have a chance to deeply set, it's possible to maintain a smooth and natural appearance for years to come.


Sunscreen is the unsung hero of daily skincare, offering protection that goes beyond the surface. At Bardöt Beauty, our high-quality, mineral-based sunscreens, like those from Color Science, provide a protective barrier against the sun's damaging rays. With formulations that last up to 60 minutes—double the duration of standard sunscreens—reapplication is less frequent, making daily defence against photoaging more practical and effective. 


Retinol has become a cornerstone of preventative skincare, praised for its ability to accelerate cell renewal and improve skin texture and tone. Incorporating retinol into your skincare regimen can prevent the onset of fine lines and irregular pigmentation, working tirelessly to keep your skin at its peak.


Skincare trends for 2024 are all about embracing natural beauty, leveraging technology for personalized care, and adopting a preventative mindset. At Bardöt Beauty, here in Calgary, Alberta, our experienced practitioners are here to guide you through these trends, offering state-of-the-art treatments and products that align with these forward-thinking approaches. Contact our team today to explore how we can tailor these trends to your unique skincare journey.

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