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Pre-Wedding Beauty Plan: Make Your Skin Look Its Best!

Congratulations on your engagement! As you begin counting down to your special day, it's time to ensure your skin is as ready for the aisle as you are. The secret to a picture-perfect day (other than the perfect hairstyle and wedding dress)? Starting your beauty regimen well in advance. Here's your ultimate pre-wedding beauty plan, ensuring that when the big day comes, your skin is as stunning as your dress.


6 months + before the wedding

The six-month mark before your wedding is not just a countdown; it's the ideal time to start building the foundation of your bridal beauty routine. Embarking on a pre-wedding beauty plan six months in advance is like planting the seeds for a garden you'll walk through on your wedding day. It's the perfect time to address the foundational elements of skin health and beauty that will ensure you look and feel your absolute best.

Establish a skincare routine

Start your bridal skincare routine early to achieve that coveted wedding day radiance. Incorporate retinol to promote skin renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and hydroquinone to fade dark spots for a more uniform complexion. A committed routine to these skincare staples is the first step to radiant skin on your big day.

Address acne and scarring

Clear skin is synonymous with bridal beauty, but acne and its residual scarring can often interrupt this vision. Tackle acne and scars with targeted treatments that reduce breakouts and improve skin texture. Consistent treatment leads to clear, smooth skin.

Laser hair removal

There's an elegance to smooth, hair-free skin that every bride deserves to experience. Starting laser hair removal now means that you'll be enjoying the peak benefits by the time the wedding arrives – silky skin ready for any dress and every close-up.

3-4 months before the wedding

Botox: Beginning these treatments 3-4 months prior to your wedding day allows for personalization and fine-tuning to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Starting earlier provides the advantage of seeing how your skin responds, ensuring that the look on your wedding day is nothing short of perfection.

Fillers: Introduce fillers to your beauty regimen to gracefully enhance facial contours and return youthful fullness. Fillers deliver a natural lift and smoothness, especially effective for cheeks, lips, and smile lines. Wait two weeks post-treatment before any additional enhancements, ensuring your wedding day look is the epitome of refined elegance.

Laser Treatments: Consider Morpheus8, Halo Lasers, and BBL Therapy for a tailored approach to skin perfection. Each treatment offers distinct advantages, from skin tightening to improving skin's texture and tone. Laser treatments are meticulously designed to balance pigmentation and soften lines, cultivating a smooth, even texture.


1-2 months before the wedding

As the countdown to your wedding shortens, the focus shifts to perfecting your glow with treatments designed for maximum impact with minimal downtime. This critical period is all about refinement and adding those finishing touches that ensure you look as vibrant and radiant as you feel. These carefully timed treatments are the secret to that bridal glow that seems to come from within.

Chemical peels

Elevate your skin's texture and enhance collagen production with a tailored chemical peel. Opting for a gentle, superficial peel 2-4 weeks before the wedding refines your complexion without downtime, ensuring a perfect canvas for your bridal makeup. This essential treatment is the final step in achieving a seamless, radiant glow that will illuminate your natural beauty on your special day.


Enhance your bridal beauty regimen with microneedling, a perfect companion to chemical peels. This advanced technique revitalizes your skin by enhancing collagen production, which improves texture and amplifies firmness. It's more than a one-day beauty boost—it's a commitment to enduring skin health, ensuring you look and feel radiant on your wedding day and beyond.

Final Botox injections

Timing is everything when it comes to Botox. Scheduling the last session about four weeks before the wedding allows for the full effect to emerge — smoothed lines and a serene expression — while also leaving a buffer for any adjustments. This window ensures that any minor swelling or bruising has ample time to subside so you can walk down the aisle on your wedding day looking as confident and radiant as you feel.

24-48 hours before the wedding

In the final 24-48 hours before your wedding, the spotlight is on ensuring your skin looks its absolute best. Opt for a Hydrafacial to deeply cleanse and hydrate, leaving you with a smooth, luminous complexion. Alternatively, an ultrasonic facial can lift and firm the skin for that perfect bridal radiance. These non-invasive treatments are the last step in your skincare journey, designed to amplify your natural beauty as you step forward to say 'I do.'


Pre-Wedding Beauty Plan in Calgary

If you’re ready to say “I do” to making your skin look its best on your wedding day, we’d be happy to help! Reach out to our experienced team and let's craft your personalized pre-wedding beauty plan in Calgary. It's time to let your inner beauty shine on the outside – for your wedding day and beyond.

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