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Most of us don’t think of applying sunscreen to our hands, which can lead to compromised tone and texture.

Hand aesthetics or hand rejuvenation treatments help correct a wide range of cosmetic concerns that affect the hands, wrists and forearm, helping to restore a more healthier and youthful appearance.

Our hands are often one of the first places that start to show visible signs of aging due to sun exposure and the natural aging process. Some of the common signs include dark spots and loss of fatty tissue and collagen. Bardot Beauty offers a number of ways to give your hands their youthful volume back, improving skin texture, tone and lessen sun damage and age spots.

As we age the soft tissue in our hands gradually loose volume leaving veins, tendons and bones more visible. By using a combination of peels, fillers, skin boosters or skin lightening we can give your hands back their youthful appearance.

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Prescription Medication

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Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are the gold standard in improving skin hydration and texture. Each treatment creates a smoother, firmer and healthier overall quality and texture to the skin. Skin boosters are non-cross linked hyaluronic acid that stimulates your own elastin and collagen growth.

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One of our favourite treatments, microneedling can help with a long list of skin conditions including helping minimize fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and effectively helps skins firmness and texture.

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